Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares (100 ft. snake trap)


  • Complete kit: Barrier, stakes and ties
  • Dual layer barrier for consistent results
  • Safely snares snakes for humane relocation


Eve’s Revenge Snake Snare is a simple and long-lasting outdoor snake control solution that is more thorough, and out does other methods of control like moth balls, spray repellents, and other ground-trapping systems. Similar to the childhood toy, Chinese hand cuffs, this Snake Snare stops the reptiles via its filtration effect to trap snakes that try to penetrate this barrier into your home or property. Snake Snare does not strangle the reptile, it simply snares it in place so it can be humanely relocated. The netting barrier controls snakes in a less traumatic way giving them a calmer disposition than other traps like glue-based snares. Applications include: playgrounds, construction sites, natural disaster containment, and humane control of displaced wildlife. With Eve’s Revenge Snake Snare, you don’t have to just hope that the moth balls and other repellents are working like they should, stop snakes before they make it to high traffic areas such as your lawn or garden.

  • Ready to install
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Kit includes netting, cable ties and sod staples
  • You determine the length of area needing protection
  • Simply install on existing fence or install a free-standing system
  • 100 ft. system is adequate for trapping average-size snakes
  • Made from materials sourced from US-based companies
  • Stop using old unreliable repellent methods
  • Perfect for residential and commercial applications
  • Save extra material for repairs after catching a snake
  • Filtration effect acts as a barrier to snare snakes so that they can be humanely relocated
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Snakes